About Us

About Halal's Best

We started Halal’s Best because, after years of working in the meat and the shelf-stable meat snacks industries, we saw an apparent need for high quality, Halal-certified products. In the United States, there is a true shortage of these types of products; forcing adherents of the Halal lifestyle to make difficult choices, or not have access to foods they would otherwise be able to freely enjoy.
That's why we created Halal’s Best: a clean and healthy, Halal certified, beef stick. Not only is our product certified Halal, but it’s made of premium beef and high quality ingredients, for a product that both tastes delicious, and cleanly delivers protein to keep you fueled up at all times.
We’re still a young company, but we operate like a family, and endeavor to be your source for tasty, nutritious and wholesome Halal meat snacks for the foreseeable future! 

As always feel free to reach out at any time! And Welcome to the Family